Announcing development of Candle Mind CMS

10/15/2010 - Subject Recognizer
I am happy to announce the development and partial success towards a program that can automatically find the subject of a sentence (link below). It uses a CFG (context free grammar) and a CKy parser to create trees for the sentences and then traces the path of each tip upwards. I have noticed that (at least in my simple grammar), the subject of a sentence is never within an adjective phrase, adverb phrase, verb phrase, or prepositional phrase. It is also never a helping word that does not necessarily fit into a category, such as a conjugation or a determiner.
Sentences to try out:

  • i eat pie
  • the dog and the cat eat pie
  • the cat and dog on the moon jump high
  • i eat pie on the moon and on the floor

Download Exe

View Paper

Since I've had to make numerous websites and beginning from the beginning is annoying me, I have decided to make a Candle Mind CMS. I have tried ones like Tandem Server and Joomla, and although they have great features for web designers, I find them not simple enough for less experienced users. Also, their layout for the admin panel is chaotic and finding something simple like adding a new page (ahem Tandem Server) or understanding what the big difference between news and articles (ahem Joomla) is really difficult. So world, be prepared for Candle Mind CMS. The basic ideas behind it:
- Simple: Most commonly used options found in the easiest places and options that you think you will not need can be hidden. Admin panel will have simple, uncluttered design.
- Dynamic: New templates and themes easily created. Making logins, news articles, user-submitted content, etc., will now be easy.
- Complete: any feature an everyday person will need, they can now have and easily manage.
As the CMS becomes usable, I will replace the current code for the Candlemind website with the CMS. Wish me luck and be on the lookout for new stuff!

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